Twinkle My Toes - Heel Customisation


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Before purchasing you will need to email us a photo of your shoes for approval and details of the colour glitter you would like applied. Once approved, this purchase is for a heel only glitter customisation of a pair of shoes. One single colour of a fine glitter applied across the heel of the shoes. Applications may take upto 3 weeks but average completion time is around 14 days from receiving the shoes to sending them back to the customer.

When we receive your order we will send confirmation and a delivery address for you to send your shoes to. Shoes are posted at the cost of the customer. You may request colour samples before the make-over is carried out. If you wish to do this please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to us and we will send out samples of glitter to you.

Your purchase for a heel make-over is £14.99 plus £7.99 Postage and Package = Total Price of £22.98 *use the code Freedelivery at the checkout to remove our standard delivery cost. Photos show heel example. For more examples visit our facebook page -

For more information on our service including t&c's and FAQ's please visit or click here for more information on our shoe customisation service.