Buying the Perfect Present

Girls love jewellery, well most do anyway. A lot of girls are like magpies, attracted to all that’s shiny and sparkly which is why jewellery makes the perfect gift! Whether it’s an occasional gift for Christmas, Valentines or Mothers Day, or just as a romantic gesture or thank you, most girls will love receiving a beautiful piece of silver jewellery.  So before you make your selection, there a few important things that you might want to take into consideration when buying your perfect gift:

Firstly a few things we need to point out...

In this instance, size is important! So if you are buying a silver ring as a gift, then make sure you know the correct ring size you need before purchasing. It's always best to try and get the ring size right first time to avoid disappointment! If you’re not sure what size to buy someone, try asking a friends advice or if the item is for your partner, then try having a look through their jewellery box at other rings they have and use those as a guide. Any jeweller can tell you the size of a ring if you discretely borrowed it for the day - Sometimes you have to be a bit of a detective! 

See our ring size guide to help with choosing the correct size for ladies rings and larger mens sizes. Our very rough guide to ring sizing for women is 50 to 53 are very small ladies ring sizes, 54 to 56 are the average ladies ring sizes and 57 to 60 are larger ladies ring sizes. It's a rough guide and there are always exceptions, but we find it usually helps! Men's rings tend to go from sizes 58 right up to 70 so again try and find an existing ring to measure. If you're looking for a silver ring for a child then take a look at our guide to kids ring sizes.


Our jewellery items are packaged in organza gift pouches so if you require a gift box, gift bag or a greetings card then please visit our Gift Wrap area.

Also if you’re buying silver necklaces or bracelets, again you need to think about the length of the item. The smallest chain we sell are 14 inches, which for the more curvy ladies among us, maybe a little on the tight side. These chains are usually sold for for children. Most women wear 16 or 18 inch chains again depending on their size. It’s the same with bracelets and anklets too, depending on a person’s size they could be too big or too small so have a think about this before choosing your gift. A standard anklet is around 9 inches but ladies with larger ankles may need a 10 inch anklet or larger. We offer a bespoke service for making custom length anklets as this can be a problem for a lot of curvier ladies, so if you need a larger anklet which can often be hard to find in stores, then just drop us an email. Again ask a friend for advise if you're unsure about someones size or measure an existing item belonging to that person - sneakily!

So when buying a gift for someone, think about...

What type of jewellery does the person usually wear - simple? Fussy? Large designs or delicate pieces? And what colour jewellery do they normally wear? silver, gold, gemstones or costume? A lot of these things depend on the type of person they are so again do some detective work and have a look through their jewellery box or ask a friends advice. A good rule of thumb is to try and stick to the kind of thing they normally wear unless you’re confident that they will like your alternative choice.

*Top Tip If you're buying for an anniversary or birthday why not take a look at our gemstone guides to see which type of jewellery matches which starsign, birth month or anniversary year. Click Below:
Anniversary Guide      ***      Birthstone Guide     ***      Star Sign Guide

As they say, sometimes a change is as good as a rest and variety is the spice of life so if you’re brave enough try and give them something different. Don’t hold us to that though! Moving on, something else to consider is how much do you want to spend? This is especially poignant in today’s economy so don’t splash out too much if it means you’ll be strapped for cash for months to come. Buy something you can afford and something that your loved one will appreciate whatever the occasion. 

Here's some of our Best Selling Collections for inspiration;



Finally one other thing to think about is, is the person allergic to any particular types of jewellery? Some people can be allergic to certain metals or can’t wear costume jewellery due to irritation so check in advance if you think this could be a possibility. A lot of our earrings are hypoallergenic which means they don’t contain nickel which certain people can be allergic to. Hypoallergenic jewellery is made up of pure materials like stainless steel, sterling silver and gold, which is unlikely to give any skin allergies.

Designed For You

If you’re still unsure you can always drop us an email at with an idea of what you’re looking for or give us a call for a chat and we’ll be happy to give you some of our ideas and recommendations. We also offer a bespoke jewellery design service so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can try and create it for you. There’s always a Uneak solution!

Unwanted Gifts

And just so you know, with the exception of handmade jewellery items, all of our products come with a 14 day money back guarantee, and even though we know you’ll be unlikely to return your fabulously, gorgeous jewellery purchase, we will always refund or exchange any item which has been bought from us provided it’s returned unworn and in it's original packaging and condition, inline with our t's & c's. See our refund policy for more information.

Happy Jewellery Buying!