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Children vary greatly in size, just like adults, so sizing children's fingers can be difficult and really depends on the size and build of a child, rather than just the age. In some cases a small toddler can have bigger fingers than a slender ten year old, as they can be chubby when younger and their fingers slim down as they grow, so although we try to offer some guidance with kid’s jewellery sizing, it is only a guide rather than a rule of thumb. Here’s our size guide to buying rings for kids...


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A Guide to Sizing Children’s Rings

Our kid’s rings are very popular and we sell hundreds every year. As kids get bigger they start to copy adults and want to emulate them in the things they wear like clothing and jewellery. Real silver rings rather than plastic or toy versions seem to be very appealing to young children but sizing can be difficult without being properly measured at a jewellers or by using a ring gauge. It can be challenging to estimate a child’s ring size but to give you an idea of sizes, the most popular kids ring sizes we sell are a size 48 which is a UK size I and a 50 which is a UK size K.

The smallest size we stock is a dainty size 44 which is a UK size F but this size is tiny and would really only be suitable for children with tiny frames. Most people buy children’s rings for kids aged 3+ as we don’t recommend them for children under three. Sizes 44 to 46 are at the smaller end of the scale, whilst 47 and 48 are midway sizes and 49 to 51 are the slightly larger ring sizes for children. Often a child’s ring will fit the middle finger and will move down to the ring finger, and then even to the little finger as the child grows for maximum wear. It can be difficult to get it right first time as children’s fingers can be a little chubbier when they are smaller and slim down as they grown. We find it’s always best to buy a child’s ring a little bigger so they have a bit more room in the ring size as they grow.

Please note, as with buying anything sized like clothes or shoes, ring sizes vary from supplier to supplier. So a size K from one supplier may vary slightly to another. For example a ring from a European supplier in a size 50 which is the equivalent to a UK size K, may be a slightly different in size to a USA supplier who also sells a similar ring in a size 5 which is their equivalent to a UK size K. It's just like shoes. Not all size 6's fit the same as they vary from store to store. The style of the ring has a major impact too depending of the thickness of the band. It can be tricky to get the fit right first time but we'll always to our best to assist you in finding the perfect size for your child. Please contact us for further help and advice if needed. 

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For more information on converting European number sizes to British letter sizes take at look at our ring size chart 

Or take a look at our chart below for measuring rings using a diameter guide. Measure with a ruler the internal dimensions of an existing ring to find your ring size. For any in-between measurements, always go up a size. 




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