Mystical Dragonfly Silver Pendant


Our Mystical Dragonfly Pendant is a sight to behold! There’s something so magical about watching a dragonfly in flight. It’s grace, it’s aerial abilities and it’s stunning jewelled colours, make it a truly majestic creature. In folklore they carry many different meanings including good luck and prosperity.

This beautiful sterling silver dragonfly in flight, comes on a 16 inch sterling silver curb chain and is elegantly gift boxed with the quote...”Dance with dragonflies, reach for the stars and believe in dreams.”  It’s a very special pendant design which makes a wonderful keepsake gift as it’s beautifully detailed and comes at this fantastic promotional price!

The size of this silver pendant is 27mm x 28mm. This high quality piece of jewellery is Sterling Silver and Hallmarked 925.

This is Uneak Code UBOBE2P2236