Selecting impressive wedding jewellery can not only make a wedding day more memorable but can give you a feel of royalty. If you do not want to overdo your look with heavy, striking gold and diamond jewellery yet still want to look stylish and elegant on the day, then you can opt for silver jewellery to give you the understated elegance and class that the occasion deserves. 

Silver jewellery is very popular for its style, affordability, and durability. Silver jewellery can have ahighly polished finish or a matt texture for an understated feel, but both styles look beautiful and elegant. If you are looking for silver jewellery for a wedding day, then follow these simple tips to choose the jewellery you want: 

  • One of the most crucial things to consider before buying jewellery is the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a wide jaw, and you do not want to highlight this aspect, then you should go with long elaborate jewellery pieces that will focus on other aspects of your beauty. A necklace with long pendants and long elongated earrings are just perfect for such occasions. 
  • Be aware of the dress you will wear at the wedding and select jewellery that will enhance your look and style. For a classic dress, go for a bold silver necklace along with a fascinator. When it comes to choosing earrings, make sure it goes with your hairstyle. If your hair is tied up, then go with a pair of chandelier danglers but if you are going for a hair down, then look for small drops or studs which will work better. 
  • Going with a theme makes better sense. So, if you buy a pair of silver earrings then go with a silver necklace that has the same sense of style. Most online websites or stores have silver jewellery sets with earrings and necklaces having the same design. These are meant to be worn with each other. You can also opt for bracelets that have the same or similar design, though you can keep them a bit different from your ear and neckpieces if you wish. 

No matter what you choose as the wedding jewellery, make sure that you keep it simple and classy, so it accentuates your beauty and yet does not overshadow the glow on your face

August 24, 2016 — Darren Virgo