Fashion and jewellery go hand in hand and each year new trends hit the fashion runways across the globe. Sterling silver jewellery has made a big comeback recently, with designers interpreting their styles in many new and exciting ways. 

Sterling silver is a precious metal which many people prefer to wear over gold and other metals, because of its bright, polished appearance. Jewellery made from sterling silver has a cool, bohemian type quality and many talented artists and designers, constantly strive to reinvent their silver jewellery designs to suit the evolving tastes of the women who wear it. From minimalistic rings, to intricate earrings, ornate necklaces or simple silver bracelets, the sterling silver revival is a fashion trend which is here to stay. 

Sterling silver jewellery is often timeless but right now designs such as plaited woven necklaces, chunky silver rings and delicate charm pendant bracelets are some of the most popular pieces. Why not take a look at some of the hottest trends in sterling silver jewellery for the coming season. 

Silver Pendants

Following the gargantuan popularity of the ‘Lords of the Rings’ series, circular silver pendants have become a very popular accessory. Many designs are based on the elaborately crafted pieces in the film and celebrities can be seen wearing such jewellery which a lot of other people then follow. 

Silver Charm Bracelets

No wardrobe is complete with a feminine charm bracelet that you can match with almost any outfit. Charm bracelets make wonderful keepsakes and are a trend that has been around for some time now. They are perfect for every day wear and also great to dress up or down, for day or night time occasions. These bracelets are also perfect for anniversary gifts and can be personalised for that extra special touch. 

Infinity Rings

Infinity rings are a hot new fashion trend, which are really popular right now. These rings feature an infinity shaped design which symbolises a union so strong that no matter what happens, nothing will come between two people in love. The infinity ring design represents a love so strong it is unbreakable. 

Sterling silver is considered a fashion staple because when it comes to style, versatility and affordability nothing comes close to it. Sterling silver jewellery is a huge trend right now and will stay so for a long time to come, which makes it both timeless and a great investment.

July 21, 2016 — Darren Virgo