Christening Jewellery at Uneak. Our stunning collection of sterling silver christening gifts, features some lovely childrens christening jewellery including christening bangles and christening bracelets which make wonderful keepsake jewellery for special occasions. This childrens christening Jewellery collection also includes some of our D for Diamond luxury kids jewellery range which is perfect for that special christening gift.

Christening gifts have been given to children for centuries to mark this special occasion in a childs life. Traditionally christening items were small monetary gifts or keepsake items which were investments for the child's future. A silver sixpence was often a popular choice and seen as the start of a nest-egg fund for years to come. 

The tradition of giving silver spoons originates from the Tudor period and is thought to be where the  the phrase 'born with a silver spoon in their mouth' derived from referring to children from wealthy families set to inherit fortunes. 

Tradition changed again in Victorian times where it became popular to give sterling silver gifts at christenings, including cutlery, egg cups, tankards and napkin rings. Again due to the high value of sterling silver, these christening gifts became investments for the child's future.

Nowadays giving sterling silver christening gifts are as popular as ever and many people tend to favour silver christening bangles or christening bracelets as gift choices, as well as more luxurious gold christening jewellery designs set with diamonds or gemstones. These beautiful christening gifts last a lifetime and make wonderful keepsake gifts to pass down through the generations.