Uneak Boutique was an idea first thought up by my husband and I, in a quaint little Italian restaurant in Alnwick, Northumberland on Valentine’s Day in 2004. It was on that night when our spirits were high, the wine poured happily and a two hour wait for dinner, meant that we had all the time in the world to daydream and explore the endless possibilities of all our greatest aspirations.

After many years of working in media, I had long dreamt of leaving behind the rat race and creating a sparkly oasis in cyberspace. A place where you could go to find that perfect something for someone special, or just simply for pure indulgence. An online boutique that was inspiring, yet affordable, functional and easy to navigate.

I'm lucky enough to have a husband who is a very talented programmer and web designer, so coupled with my background in design and photography, and a sister with a flair for jewellery design, our creative visions began to take shape. It took a lot of time, research and determination (and yes the odd sibling spat) but in the spring of 2010 we finally set sail on the virtual cyber seas!

So here we are, many years on and we hope that we have managed to create something very special for the people that come to visit us. Our ranges are constantly being updated and we always have one eye on the fashion world so we can help keep you effortlessly on trend. We source of silver jewellery designs from far and wide, with 'quality at the right price' being our main objective and our handmade jewellery line Love Lily (the name of Kris's daughter and my beautiful niece) is made with love, care and a beautiful sentiment at the heart of each design.

As sisters we work really well together and our individual skills compliment each other perfectly. We're like two peas in a pod, as close as bread and butter and only occasionally do the fireworks fly! The men in the family take more of a back seat, handling the IT and accounts side of the operation, keeps them out of trouble and out from under our feet!

Being a small family run business, we pride ourselves on our Uneak service. Our aim is to ensure that everyone who visits us has a truly magnificent and Uneak experience and that they come back time and time again. So come on in, take a look around and if you need anything... just ask, we’re always happy to help!

To read what our existing customers think, why not take a look at our reviews page and buy with confidence, and if we can assist you with your jewellery purchase, source a particular product or you would like to discuss a handmade jewellery design, then please get in touch at info@uneakboutique.co.uk 

Uneakly Yours
Niki & Kris x