Our Make-Over is still in progress but we're about halfway through so please bare with us for a few more weeks. Our colour scheme and logo has been updated - we hope you like it! We're also currently re-sizing all of our images so customers can get a better idea of detail but with nearly 2000 products it's going to take a little time! Lots of new photography to do and new graphics to be designed as well, so we're estimating by the end of August we'll have a brand new website! Just in time for Christmas - yes the dreaded 'c' word is looming already! Anyway just a quick update to keep everyone posted and as we said previously there shouldn't be too much disruption so it's business as usual! We welcome your feedback so please email us with your comments to info@uneakboutique.co.uk as all opinions are welcomed and considered.

Niki x

July 15, 2015 — Niki Virgo