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Kids Silver ring with Multi-Twist Design


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Kids Silver ring with Multi-Twist Design. Children's silver ring with an open twisted silver design. This multi twist style ring has an unusual and simple design. It's neat, stylish and so easy to wear. A stylish, grown up quality and is great for bigger kids who have outgrown plastic jewellery and want a real silver design. Also available in ladies sizes so adults and children can wear matching rings.

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This ring comes in a size 50/K and 52/L which are great sizes for older children from around 7-8 onwards depending on the size of the child, although a size 50 can be suitable for around a 5 year old again depending on size. A 52 can be suitable for a teenager but it is always best to get measured or look online for a printable ring gauge. Often a size 50 will fit the middle finger of a smaller child and move down to the ring finger, then to the little finger as the child grows.The width of this sterling silver kids ring is 3.5mm at the widest point and the ring band is 1.5mm.

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